Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So every girl wears at least a little make -up on her wedding day. I have been looking at pictures to try and get an idea of what I like and I have to say not to much make-up is truly my favorite.. Although I have been kinda obsessed with these brands as of late. Might have something to do with the beauty trend report I just did for work.

i kid you not this lip gloss from Lipstick Queen is so awesome, i can hardly believe it is on my lips. plus huge bonus, it doesn't feel all greasy and defiantly does not dry out your lips. i have to stop myself from putting it on all the time!

OK if Kate Moss can wear Jemma Kids eyeliner why can't I? Her line of make called make-up school is super fantastic, even for a tomboy like me. Beside she sells some of it at my favorite store Target.