Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a bride and her dress

i ran into a friend of mine who his making her own dress. well she is constructing the muslin and having someone else cut the silk and sew the dress together. i thought that was a pretty awesome idea. i know that M already knows how to sew so this would be a pretty simple task for her. even though i am not sewing my own dress it has been really awesome working with Gina to construct something that will be totally unique and true to my silly character. my mom was kind of shocked when she saw it on me for a fitting. at least we both knew where i was coming from when i described the dress as a Spanish Pauliana.

wedding feet

i was in my pals wedding shop the other day and this bride-to-be and i were comparing fiances stories about how boys act like they don't care about wedding stuff but really secretly do..
i told her about his dislike for a tie that would somehow match my dress, and she told me about how her fiance wanted to wear hoodies to the ceremony. we laughed and then told each other how funny that was because now we know the boys are totally secretly into it. how did we know this well, my sweet nothing came to me and said what tie should he wear and wouldn't it be totally awesome if his tie some how matched my dress! (ha i had to laugh and let him think he was a genius) her love muffin told her he bought a pair of 300 dollar shoes because they looked cool even though he could not feel his pinkie toe on the left foot.

Wedding POP-UP Shop

Well here's a take on the old pop-up shop meme you probably didn't see coming. Starting this month, Brooklyn's 303 GRAND gallery (at 303 Grand Street, natch), is transforming itself into a mini storefront wedding chapel, The Brooklyn Pop-Up Wedding Shop. Teaming up with Brooklyn Bride, The Wedding Library and, wait for it, Martha Stewart Weddings, the space will offer quickie weddings with a little more style and sweetness than that City Hall nuptials you might have been planning. Consider it a "boutique wedding" with all the last-minute thrills of a trip to the Courts. In addition to offering basic marriage services to the City, The Brooklyn Pop-Up Wedding Shop will start the month with a series of "wedding events"—we're guessing this means dress exhibitions, cake tastings, and free Champers—and cap off their stand with a free giveaway wedding style by Martha Stewart Weddings. Just think, your "special day" is just a quick ride on the L away. Hell, you could slam a few honeymoon Tecates at Union Pool afterwards!

the outside element

so I've been totally looking at how people decorate their weddings when getting married outside and i can honestly say I've seen some pretty radical ideas.

check out these awesome haystacks covered in vintage blankets as chairs

awesome chandeliers hanging outside, hello totally my favorite

i could get down with this outside wedding set up

this reminds me of the full moon resort , where we are getting married

and of course Moroccan style lanterns are a personal favorite!

girls vs boys

wow i can't even imagine having that many women as bridesmaids. let alone having them all wear and be cool with wearing the same dress. however the photos do look sort of amazing!
check out the boys patch work pants, wonder who's idea that was!

Monday, June 8, 2009