Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sweet tooth in overdrive

miss lovely and husband-to-be sittin in a tree
first comes love

then comes marriage

then comes the baby in the baby carriage

look at these cupcakes with sweet little messages on them. these happen to be from a baby shower, but you get the point.

words of wisdom

this is such a great idea with chalkboards to give a message to the bride and groom.

Cosmo Bride

via polly alexandre

you complete me

by dee and ricky

you plus me

i love these Brooklyn bridge wedding invites by oh joy

pretty and sweet bridal shower invites

i love that a tote was created to match the invites, ingenious
via thoughtful day

real people, real weddings

i love that people put on their dancin shoes for weddings. look at these two breaking it down! one of my pals told me that "weddings are the time to make dancing fools out of yourselves because it is such a happy moment!' i couldn't agree more

couples and their dog

these engagement photos are so cute. i love that they included their dog.

Very Sweet Treats

i found these via oh joy and are they just lovely. i really love the something old something new something blue cookies!

darling doilies

how totally awesome are these doilies from Lovely Lovely.. and as if the doilies were not enough to make you jump up and down, just check out the name of the company making them. These are a must have no doubt about it!

for you from me

height issues

So, I've been cruising the internetz for some awesome shoes to wear under my wedding attire and i have to say all the traditional wedding shoes make me want to puke on myself. i know that i want something with height (of course) and possibly a wedge because i am going to be walking around in some country grass and something that is absolutely not freaking white!!! here is my issue all of the wedges i have come across are to sandal-ly and make me feel like i should be on the beach or a hooker in Miami. the other problem i am faced with is my husband-to-be is just a teeny tiny bit taller then me so if i were to wear some outrageous heel then it might look like i married a midget... is there someone out there that can make a shoe for me?

Sarah Seven

Are these not the apple of your eye.. Sarah Seven was found by a good friend of mine who is also engaged and looking for that unique wedding dress. All the credit goes to her for showing me this awesome designer and the price is to good to be true, cutting your normal wedding gown by something like 75%.
I am really in turmoil now that i look at these hot sexy short dresses and wonder if what i really desire is a short dress!! Being an average height person short has always been a friend to me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

real weddings

i found these awesome photos taken by a pal and was in love with this bride walking the streets of manhattan.
via mari keeler

sweet smells

where is my allergy medication so i can stick my face in to one of these bouquets

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Four Letters Video

This weekend we had a part in the making of a video about what you love!! How cute is that. The singer Cariad Harmon has teamed up with Videographer Rachel Le Feuvre to make this very special video. The Husband -to-be and I were filmed showing what we love most... you guessed it our pup, LUCY! He also had my heart Teeshirt on I had made for him to represent love as well. Listen to Cariad's song and read their blog.

check out our cute pals that were also apart of the video.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Trifles, like straws, upon the surface flow, He who would search for pearls must dive below..." E.A.P.

getting ready

these dresses look so gorgeous on their own