Monday, April 20, 2009


these macaroons are so yummy. there is even one called wedding cake. we are thinking about having cookies as the present you give to people at the end of the night. my question is how do you choose which cookies to put in bags? i am a desert lover so i am usually into any cookies.
we where thinking chocolate chip, oatmeal and maybe peanut butter.. or is sugar cookies better then peanut butter? should there not be so many choices...

on another note my pal Amanda designed insomnia cookies logo and i just sent a box of cookies to the fiance's work today. (sometimes you just have to do nice things for people). Anyways he brought the rest of them home which was like two(there were 20 in a box), and oh man were they delicious. So if your thinking about ordering cookies and having them delivered in Manhattan this place is the place to order!!


  1. i vote for macaroons. delicious and super cute!

  2. ha ha always going against the grain. this are a good idea!


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