Wednesday, April 15, 2009


what music will you dance to at your wedding?

It has been fun trying to pick songs to play for the wedding. when i did an itunes word search for love through my music this is what my playlist would be:

i gave my love a diamond ring: Them
the music lovers: Destroyer ( one of my favorite songs)
crown of love: Arcade Fire
lovely day: Bill Withers ( come on this is to prefect)
skinny love: Bon Iver
let's fall in love: Frank Sinatra
alone again or: Love ( kinda the best band ever & song from the movie bottle rocket)
ohh do i love you: Cap n Jazz
love & carine: Crystal Castles
satellite of love: Velvet Underground ( my other favorite band)
lover: Devendra Banhart
message of love: Pretenders
love comes in spurts: Richard Hell and the Voidoids
it's only love: The Beatles
baby, we're really in love: Hank Williams
is this love?: Clap your hands and say yeah
words of love: Buddy Holly
world love: Magnetic Fields
a fool in love: Ike & Tina Turner...