Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Beginning

a mini story to get you up to date with where i am so far along this bridal road..
first.. i got engaged, which makes this whole thing possible.
second.. it was last year.. ha ha we've been very lazy and relaxin this whole time.
  • side note my brother got himself hitched to an awesome lady this summer, hence why we were so lazy about getting our ball rolling down the road. (their wedding was lovely and in Hawaii need i say more)
third.. after a year of doing nothing three of our most awesome friends got engaged, which made us speed up a whole lot.
fourth.. we finally this summer got our crap together and started looking for a place..
finally we picked a place and set a date...

oh boy.. it took us a year to do just that. now we have just about a year for this planning stuff and this is going to be an awesome roller coaster of events. I am super excited for all my pals and family to share this with me/us. Now let the geeking out begin!!