Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Place: Full Moon Resort

After finally deciding which which state to have this shin-dig in we didn't have to search very long and hard to find an awesome place. 2 of our good friends have had their weddings here and raved about it. Although i wasn't a guest to either on of these weddings (met them after they were hitched or just before).. it is always super nice to have someone throw you a bone and tell you about a truly amazing place. SO below is a brief description of what Full Moon means to Full Moon. I would have posted my pictures but it was dumping rain that day so they are not the best thing ever, but i do have to add that these pictures do not do it justice.

Full Moon is a year-round mountain resort located in the heart of the "Forever Wild" Catskill Forest Preserve in upstate New York. Dedicated to the celebration of nature, music and the arts, this one hundred-acre wonderland of mountains, fields, and streams is a world of its own.