Monday, May 4, 2009


aside from loving this photo and her gorgeous gown, i have been running a lot lately and not in the athletic way. it seems when you only have 5 months to go on all your planning suddenly you realize holy Jesus i need to make invitations and get them out!!

where i really want to be right now is somewhere that i can appreciate the pinks and purples in the sky
I've also been obsessing over bows in my hair and am trying my hand at making some headbands with huge bows on them for the bridal luncheon and to cure my obsession of always over flowing my plate
i heart chocolate banana bread as well, and am going to make Jessica oatmeal apple cookie to bring to the hospital later
the back side of things can also be very lovely
this photo makes me laugh
i also need to make labels for the apple butter my mother has made for guests
and have been doing all this while listening to beach house non stop
and lastly, i received a pair of free 3rd ward sunnies for May bike month and people were poking out the lenses. it was funny for five minutes until every single person decided it was the look and then i felt bad for all the lost and broken lenses that went to waste because of hipsters.

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