Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i try not to play into the cliche' that i am a girl therefor i love shoes but sadly it is true. i think my love for shoes has only grown fonder as my foot size has not changed since 5th grade and so i still have my very first shoe purchase which was a pair of sweet penny loafers i bought back then with my babysitting money..
here are some really amazing white shoes that would look awesome under any dress

or you could rock n roll alittle color too which would be awesome.. and yes i own these!!!


  1. hot stuff! i would love to rock a hot pair of shoes underneath my dress. for a little PAZAAZZ! super cute.

  2. I say give it color.... I love them all but would definitely PAZZAZZ it up! But if you decide to go white I love the first shoe the best.....


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